Ministerial Foreword

The Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan 2023-26 (SAP 2023-26) provides the emergency management sector with clear goals that will guide projects and reforms to achieve our shared vision of Safer and More Resilient Communities. 

Victorians have experienced a number of major emergencies in recent years, including the 2019-20 bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic, June 2021 Extreme Weather event and the 2022 October floods. While devastating, these events have demonstrated the unwavering commitment of our sector to keep communities safe, and our dedication to continuously improve so we can be better equipped to meet future challenges. 

The SAP 2023-26 builds on the work done to deliver our shared priorities and outcomes outlined in the Emergency Management Sector Outcomes Framework and the Strategic Roadmap 2022-28. Departments and agencies will continue to work together to implement these strategic actions to keep our communities safe. 

This plan highlights how we will work with communities to prepare for major emergencies and emerging risks, ensuring we are informed of their needs in preparation, response and recovery.  

Through specific actions outlined in this plan, we reinforce our commitment to safety in our workplaces so that we can continue to attract and retain skilled volunteers that better reflect the communities we serve. We also highlight our strong focus on our waterways and will implement the water safety action plan to address public water safety and prevent water-related drownings and injuries, which have had a devastating impact on our community.  

We will improve the speed and quality of information through a new data strategy for the sector, improve our ability to identify and assess emergency risks across the state and build on the work we’ve done in the Australian Fire Danger Rating System implementation in Victoria. Importantly, we will also deliver on the Victorian Government's commitment to reform Victoria's triple zero service and emergency communications.  

Through the collaborative efforts to implement these strategic actions and deliver the reforms outlined in the SAP 2023-26, we are better placed to work with communities to keep them safe. 




Jaclyn Symes MP 

Minister for Emergency Services