State Control Centre (SCC)

The State Control Centre (SCC) is Victoria's primary control centre for the management of emergencies. The SCC is the hub of a network of regional control (RCC) and incident control (ICC) centres across the state.

Emergency Management Victoria has the legislative responsibility for the management of the SCC.

The purpose of the SCC is to provide a facility to support the Emergency Management Commissioner to meet the State control priorities and objectives. It does this by:

  • ensuring the State Response Controller and State Control Team maintain appropriate situational awareness to support strategic decision-making
  • engaging with and providing information to key stakeholders and the State Emergency Management Team
  • ensuring readiness arrangements are in place
  • ensuring control strategies and arrangements are appropriate
  • ensuring incident progression is predicted
  • ensuring information and community warnings are timely and appropriate
  • prioritising the allocation of state and specialist resources
  • providing support to State, regional, incident control and agency personnel.

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