Victoria’s warning system

Victoria has an integrated warning system which provides information and warnings to community through a range of channels. This includes:

  • VicEmergency website
  • VicEmergency social media channels
  • VicEmergency hotline,
  • VicEmergency app
  • Through Victoria's more than 60 emergency broadcasters
  • Emergency Alert telephone alerting (phone alert)

You should always use more than one channel to seek information about emergencies. You should not rely on an official warning to act. Emergencies can start quickly and threaten you within minutes.

Emergency Broadcasters

Emergency broadcasters have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Victorian Government that they will broadcast emergency information. If necessary, emergency broadcasters will interrupt regular programing to broadcast warnings. Emergency broadcasters include ABC, SkyNews TV, commercial and designated community radio stations. Warnings and emergency information is provided to other media outlets so they can promote this information through their channels as they see fit.

Emergency Alert (phone alerting system)

Emergency alert is a warning system that is used to send people a voice message to landline telephones and a text message to mobile phones. You may receive an emergency alert if your billing address is in a specific location (identified by emergency services) or if your mobile phone has recently used a phone tower in the area. Emergency alert is not used in all emergency circumstances by emergency services, and its use depends on the nature of the incident. You will not receive an emergency alert if you do not have service or your phone is turned off.

Community Alert Sirens

Victoria has 46 community alert sirens. These sirens are sounded for five minutes when there is an emergency threatening the community. If you hear a siren you should seek further information immediately.

You can look at the locations of community alert sirens here: (External link)

Download the Warnings and Emergency Information A3 Poster (External link) (PDF 4 MB)