State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP)

The State Emergency Management Plan was updated and republished in December 2023. A document outlining all changes can be found on our 2023 SEMP Review - Schedule of changes and information pack page.

About the State Emergency Management Plan

The State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) is authorised through the Emergency Management Act 2013 (External link) (EM Act 2013) which contains provisions providing for the mitigation of, response to and recovery from emergencies, and specifies the roles and responsibilities of agencies in relation to emergency management (EM).

It is important to note the organisations listed in this document are those with either broad or state-wide presence, Government organisations, those with a statutory EM involvement and some private corporations with specific roles.

The Victorian community receives significant benefit from the EM contributions of a wide range of volunteer groups and organisations whose operations are either quite specialised and/or available mainly in a specific locality. These groups should be identified in relevant municipal and/or regional EM plans, as appropriate.

The SEMP is a hybrid document consisting of three components. Combined, these provide details of arrangements for an integrated, coordinated and comprehensive approach to emergency management at a state level.

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Roles and Responsibilities section

This Roles and Responsibilities section can be leveraged to understand the roles and responsibilities of agencies in relation to emergency management (EM). 

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SEMP Sub-Plans

The following emergency plans were developed as sub-plans of the now superseded State Emergency Response Plan. These sub-plans are now transitioned to be sub-plans of the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP), the principal document for guiding the State’s emergency management arrangements. 

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