How we help

Emergency Management Victoria is leading emergency management in Victoria by working with communities, government, agencies and business to strengthen their capacity to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Bushfire Mitigation Grants Programme 2016-17

More than 15 Victorian projects will share in $850,000 in funding over 2016/2017 through the National Bushfire Mitigation Programme.

Community planning

The Victorian emergency management sector is supporting communities to better connect and build a safer and more resilient future. This includes the development of a Community Based Emergency Management (CBEM) approach and key examples, to recognise current efforts and support people to work together before, during and after emergencies.

Grants and sponsorship

Emergency Management Victoria manages several grants programs on behalf of the state and commonwealth government.

Reviews and Lessons Management

Lessons management involves the identification and learning of lessons captured through assurance activities (including debriefing, monitoring and reviews) occurring before, during and after emergencies.


Volunteers play a critical role in the delivery of emergency management across Victoria. There are over 100,000 volunteers throughout the State across a wide range of agencies, supported by paid staff.


The emergency management sector comprises a wide range of agencies, departments, not for profit organisations, industry and businesses, some with core business outside of emergency management. The expertise, research and knowledge generated by these organisations is critical to better understanding emergency management in Victoria.