Emergency management capability in Victoria

A model to understand capability in Victoria has been in development in the emergency management sector since 2015. It is based on the United States’ National Preparedness Goal. It includes three parts as outlined below.

Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015 - 2025The Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint outlines the current and desired future state for Victoria’s emergency management capability. The overall aim of the Blueprint is to have an effective emergency management capability across Victoria that can meet future needs.

It identifies key capability foundations and provides a strategic direction for the future.

Victorian Preparedness GoalThe Victorian Preparedness Goal sets out the core capabilities we need to deal with the challenges and risks we face as a community, and how we effectively deliver them.

The goal itself is succinct: “A safer and more resilient community that has the capabilities to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies that pose the greatest risk.”

Victorian Preparedness FrameworkThe Victorian Preparedness Framework extends upon the Victorian Preparedness Goal in more detail outlining the critical tasks that need to be undertaken and delivered to fulfil the intent of the core capability.

The critical tasks are tangible and definable activities, and are organisation agnostic.