Our people focus

Our statement of intent

We are creating a positive, safe, supportive workplace. A place where we can be heard, included, valued, contribute our best, collaborate in new ways, seek new ideas, learn and grow. Through this we will achieve our vision of safer and more resilient communities.  Starting here we make the difference.  

Late in 2017, we launched our three year Plan for our People and our Culture 2017-20. The plan reflects the organisation’s commitment to delivering a number of key initiatives that support our values of leadership, accountability, integration and agility.

The plan recognises that, in order for us to successfully achieve our vision, we need to build a workplace culture that enables us to draw on the expertise of our people, stay true to our values, celebrate diversity and articulate our common purpose.

All of our People and Culture activities are geared towards building a positive workplace culture that is productive, rewarding, healthy and enjoyable for all of our people.


1. Health, safety and wellbeing

Creating a positive work environment is a critical priority for EMV.

It is important that all our staff feel supported to manage their own health and wellbeing, their own work-life balance, to model positive behaviours, and assist their colleagues to do the same.

At EMV, we maintain a strong focus on the wellbeing of our people, and have developed a range of programs and initiatives that provide the opportunity for staff to take time to consider their own wellbeing.

These ideas include initiatives such as our “My Wellbeing @ EMV” program series, and the presence of an on-site Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counsellor to observe our work and provide staff with support and guidance when dealing with emergency events or other work/life demands.

Current initiatives:

  • My Wellbeing program – an ongoing program of work addressing the many different aspects of wellbeing, such as physical and mental health, nutrition, fatigue management and social connection
  • Onsite counsellor – the first time onsite counselling has been provided for our people

2. Diversity and inclusion

In Victoria’s emergency management sector, we work as one. Success requires that we build an inclusive sector where everyone is respected, valued and can be the best that they can be, whatever their role, wherever they work, and whomever they work beside.

As EMV plays a key role driving and influencing change across the sector, we have the opportunity, to create a culture of collaborative leadership, respectful dialogue, and openness to new ideas. Working to improve diversity and inclusion across EMV is therefore critical to its success.

This change begins with us, through building a contemporary, safe and welcoming workplace and reaching out to diverse groups within the community to listen to and understand their needs and expectations; and to understand how they can contribute to their safety and resilience. This will enable us to make better decisions, provide better services, and prepare for the future.

Current initiatives:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Collaboratives – regular sessions designed to gain input from all EMV staff on key issues (such as flexibility and gender), with a view to sharing and developing ideas  about what we can change in our organisation and the sector to make it better and fairer for everyone
  • Events and guest speakers – regular sessions with community members and experts in different fields to create greater awareness and understanding of different perspectives and experiences
  • Mainstreaming flexible work – turning policy into practice to better reflect the working patterns of our people

3. Recruitment and development

EMV is committed to a recruitment approach that attracts, develops and retains talent that supports our values and has the capability to meet the current and future needs of EMV. Our recruitment process is inclusive and transparent, and includes a comprehensive onboarding process.

One of the key activities arising out of our ‘Plan for our People and our Culture 2017-2020’, is the opportunity to identify and address the development of workforce capabilities for EMV.

Significant work is currently underway in this area, starting with the development of capability requirements in line with EMV’s Strategic Plan.  This informs recruitment and learning and development plans, providing our staff with a structured program that aligns their job roles to our strategic priorities. 

Of course, our peoples’ career aspirations are also top of mind; and we actively work with and encourage our staff to enhance their management and leadership capabilities, to assist in making their career development journeys a reality.