Our Vision, Goals and Values

Vision, Goal, Role and Values of Emergency Management in Victoria

Emergency Management Victoria supports a sector-wide approach to achieve joined up outcomes that are community-focused. It is only by agencies, departments, industry, business, all levels of government and community working together that we will fully realise a sustainable and efficient emergency management system that reduces the likelihood, effect and consequences of emergencies.

Shared Vision

“Safer and more resilient communities”

Shared Goal

‘A sustainable and efficient emergency management system that reduces the likelihood, effect and consequences of emergencies’.

“We work as one”

Emergency Management Victoria’s role

‘Leading emergency management in Victoria by working with communities, government, agencies and business to strengthen their capacity to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies’.

“Working in conjunction with Communities, Government, Agencies and Business”.

Emergency Management Victoria’s Role Statement

We do this as a sector by:

• maximising the ability of the emergency management sector to work together and achieve joined up outcomes that are community focused
• leading and facilitating key initiatives focused on system-wide reform with integrated policy, strategy, planning, investment and procurement
• ensuring a stronger emphasis on shared responsibility, community resilience, consequence management and post emergency recovery activities
• embedding emergency management across government, agencies and business
• leading and coordinating emergency preparedness, response and recovery with the emergency management sector and community

The emergency management sector connects to people that strive toward a common vision of “safer and more resilient communities” through our shared goal, common values and behaviours.

Values and Supporting Behaviours

The Values are:
• Leadership
• Accountability
• Integration
• Agility

Value statements

Leadership – We show personal drive and inspire others to achieve shared goals as leaders of emergency management in Victoria

Accountability – We work to clear objectives in a transparent manner

Integration – We recognise the importance of building effective and cooperative relationships with our emergency management colleagues

Agility – We respond quickly and effectively to dynamic situations and changing demands

The behaviours are:

  • respect others
  • work as one
  • focus on the community
  • listen and communicate
  • acknowledge good and focus on opportunity

More information can be found in this document.
EMV Vision, Goal, Roles and Values of Emergency Management in Victoria (PDF 1.4 MB)