Our role

 “Leading emergency management in Victoria by working with communities, government, agencies and business to strengthen their capacity to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies”.

Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) was established in July 2014 and plays a key role in implementing the Victorian Government’s emergency management reform agenda.

We do this by: 

  • maximising the ability of the emergency management sector  to work together and achieve joined up outcomes that are community focused
  • leading and facilitating key initiatives focused on system-wide reform with integrated policy, strategy, planning, investment and procurement
  • ensuring a stronger emphasis on shared responsibility, community resilience, consequence management and post emergency recovery activities
  • embedding emergency management across government, agencies and business
  • leading and coordinating emergency preparedness, response and recovery with the emergency management sector and community

EMV supports the Emergency Management Commissioner, who has overall responsibility for coordination before, during and after major emergencies including management of consequences of an emergency.

EMV is an integral part of the emergency management sector and shares responsibility with a range of agencies, organisations and departments for ensuring the system of emergency management in Victoria is sustainable, effective and community focussed.