Emergency Management Commissioner

Andrew Crisp APM is Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner. The Emergency Management Commissioner has overall responsibility for coordination before, during and after major emergencies, including the management of consequences of an emergency.


Andrew has almost 40 years’ policing experience in roles focused on community safety across metropolitan and regional Victoria and overseas, including key emergency management leadership positions, such as the Assistant Commissioner of State Emergencies and Security Command. During this time, he has been involved in the response to a number of major incidents, such as the Ash Wednesday Bushfires, the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, Christchurch earthquake and Queensland floods.


Prior to his role as the former Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Regional Operations, Andrew’s responsibilities included a specialist command that focused on counterterrorism, countering violent extremism, critical infrastructure protection and emergency management coordination.


Andrew has worked closely with fire agencies and other emergency management agencies and departments for a number of years. He has also been a member of the State Emergency Management Team and the State Coordination Team.