Emergency Management Sector Workforce Strategy

This Workforce Strategy project will provide sector-wide guidance and alignment in the building of a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workforce to meet foreseeable challenges. The strategy does not seek to replace organisations’ internal strategy development and workforce planning practices; it will provide a common planning narrative to align similar efforts across agencies.

The strategy will be delivered in two stages: stage one has commenced and is aiming to outline our common future challenges and to deliver a set of workforce management principles; stage two will build on this work to create the longer term workforce strategy.

The project Working Group of 13 members representing departmental, police, fire, emergency services, not-for–profit and faith based organisations, has analysed over 40 corporate and workforce related strategy documents sourced from the Victorian, Australian and international emergency management and government sectors. From this analysis, the below drafts of future challenges themes and workforce management principles were developed.

The purpose of these drafts is to engage with stakeholders and elicit your involvement and feedback early in the planning process to guide our future strategy development.

We are interested in your thoughts on:

  • What are the key challenges facing your organisation, and the sector, over the next decade and how will these challenges affect your workforce?
  • What should be captured in our common workforce management principles to guide emergency management agencies to plan, recruit, manage and retain their workforce?
  • What does the sector-wide workforce strategy need to contain for it to be of greatest benefit to your organisation?
  • Whether there is a project or research occurring that we should be aware of?

What are the key challenges facing the EM sector workforce in the next decade?

Find out more about draft workforce management principles

Please get involved to shape the future direction of this project. Let us know your thoughts ideas by submitting to emworkforce.strategy@emv.vic.gov.au (External link)