Resilience in action

Each year entries submitted for the Resilient Australia Awards provide insight into the great work being done by a range of organisations, both government and non-government, to build community resilience to natural disasters.

The awards are judged against national criteria – and of course only the highest scoring entries overall receive awards – however, there are many other commendable entries that are worthy of recognition. These are a selection of these actions/initiatives from the 2017 Resilient Australia Awards.

This page highlights some of the great work that is done by Victorian communities.

Building Recovery Ready Communities

Recovery Ready Communities Inc. aims to develop a capacity for effective recovery from disasters and extreme events in Victorian communities, including urban areas. Many communities across Victoria are isolated, either geographically or socially, and face the very real prospect of having to recover from fire, storm, flood or heat events that are occurring in increasing frequency and with more devastating and long-term effects.

Exercise 'Off the Grid'

Exercise ‘Off the Grid’ was a field exercise held in May 2017 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), based on the scenario of an extreme heat event with partial power outage effecting the CBD. The aim of the exercise focused on testing arrangements for establishing and coordinating a major emergency relief centre.

Climate Resilience Program

The Climate Resilience Program aims to improve the resilience of health and human service organisations across Victoria, to plan for natural disasters and the impacts of climate change.

Living with Bushfire Community Conference 2016

The Living with Bushfire Community Conference was held in Yarra Ranges in October 2016.