Building Recovery Ready Communities

Recovery Ready Communities Inc. aims to develop a capacity for effective recovery from disasters and extreme events in Victorian communities, including urban areas. Many communities across Victoria are isolated, either geographically or socially, and face the very real prospect of having to recover from fire, storm, flood or heat events that are occurring in increasing frequency and with more devastating and long-term effects.

Beyond simply being reactive to potential risks, this approach fosters a desire for locals to help locals and empowers the whole community. This change in thinking has the potential to build social connectedness and resilience in a way no single program or initiative can in isolation.

Recovery Ready Communities is small start-up Not for Profit organisation created to work directly with local and regional communities to help build their capacity, relationships and the skills needed to face a range of natural and man-made disasters.

The Recovery Ready Communities approach is founded on a combined 60 years’ experience coupled with current research that points to the efficacy of proven the Community Led Emergency Management strategies. Recovery Ready Communities has four key community led Disaster Resilience programs/initiatives which operate across the full spectrum of emergencies from preparedness to relief and recovery.

We work directly with interested communities to assist them to build their capacity and skills needed to face a range of natural and man-made disasters, with a strong focus on local leadership and valuing volunteerism.

  1. Emergency Planning Groups: This multisectoral approach builds on and/or establishes a local emergency planning network that works with local government plans through the MEMPC
  2. The Ready2Go Program: which builds community capacity to care for vulnerable residents and to help them stay safe during extreme weather events by using a focus on social inclusion and assisted personal planning.
  3. Emergency Support Teams. Localised volunteer led relief and recovery teams that are trained to set Temporary Emergency Support Hub to start the work of helping a community bring order out of chaos and start laying down an early, effective recovery pathway. It also provides post event intelligence and information for external agencies as they make decisions about what resources to apply to the situation
  4. The Youth Fire Readiness program which is mapped to the Victorian school curriculum across grade 4 to year 10

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