Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme (NDRGS)

The Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme (NDRGS) has been replaced by the Risk and Resilience Grants Program.

Find out more about the latest funding round of the Risk and Resilience Grants Program.

The Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme has provided funding to projects that contribute towards the fulfilment of the National Strategy of Disaster Resilience (External link) (NSDR), adopted nationally in 2011.

The Scheme is focused on supporting projects that are strengthening community resilience against natural disaster, consistent with State risk profiles, and providing support to emergency management volunteers.

Projects funded under the Scheme contribute to at least one of the seven key action themes of the NSDR.

  • leading change and coordinating effort
  • understanding risks
  • communicating with and educating people about risks
  • partnering with those who effect change
  • empowering individuals and communities to exercise choice and take responsibility
  • reducing risks in the built environment
  • supporting capabilities for disaster resilience.

The 2017-18 NDRGS funding round specifically focused on flood planning and mitigation projects.

Previously funded projects have included:

  • Flood studies, levies and warning signage
  • Emergency Simulation Training
  • Community Disaster Resilience Planning – including specific programs for at-risk groups
  • Bushfire and grass fire mitigation research
  • Emergency preparedness engagement tool-kits

For a full list of the funded 2016-17 and 2017-18 funded projects please see the lists at the bottom of this page.


What was not funded?

Grants were not be available for:

  • ongoing program funding
  • maintenance/upkeep of asset
  • projects developing products or services for commercial application, including by the not-for-profit sector, will not be considered for funding.



Funding rounds

Currently there are no additional funding rounds planned for this grants program.

To be notified if a future funding round is announced, email (External link)


Who was eligible to apply?

  • State government departments and agencies, including floodplain management authorities municipal councils
  • volunteer emergency service organisations
  • peak bodies and incorporated associations/organisations with an emergency management purpose, connection or interest
  • research institutions
  • private and non-government organisations, including small business and associated business groups.

Previously funded projects


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