Foundations of Emergency Management (Class 1 Emergencies)

The Foundation of Emergency Management (Class 1 Emergencies) outlines the concepts of operation for emergency related activities of the responder agencies and Emergency Management Victoria.

The responder agencies are:

  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV)
  • Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES)

Activities of the responder agencies encompass the response to hazards which include fire, flood, storm, hazardous materials, tsunami and earthquake; and the tasks of road rescue, marine rescue, and other specialist rescue. These activities span the scale of emergencies from routine response through to major emergencies. Major emergencies for the responder agencies form what is defined in the Emergency Management Act 2013 as ‘Class 1 emergencies’.

The foundational concepts of operation outlined in this document will inform the content of all subordinate operational doctrine relating to the management of these emergencies, including documentation relating to training and activities undertaken before, during and after these emergencies.

Personnel from all levels within the agencies are the primary audience for this document. The document will also be of interest to government, other agencies and the community.

The document outlines the new state approach to the management of emergencies, as a key component of emergency management reform. The intent is for the agencies to work with a broader range of government, non-government organisations, business and the community to form an integrated, cohesive team that will deliver effective, efficient and united services to support the community to build capacity and strengthen their resilience to withstand, respond and recover from emergencies.



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