The value of volunteers, volunteering and volunteerism (3Vs)

The 3Vs Final Report: Uncovering the hidden value provides a fresh perspective and advanced way of thinking about the value created by Victoria’s volunteers (the people), volunteering (the activities) and volunteerism (the culture) referred to as the 3Vs. 

Strategic priorities for emergency management volunteering in Victoria

The Strategic Priorities for Emergency Management Volunteering in Victoria (EMVV) is a tool designed to drive, guide and inform strategy, business planning, investment planning, decision-making and overall focus toward improving volunteer sustainability.

Emergency Management Volunteer Statement

Through reference to the key principles set down in this Emergency Management Volunteer Statement, the parties commit to use and apply the Statement to strengthen the culture of volunteering in Victoria and build a shared understanding of, and respect for, the critical role that volunteers play in the emergency management sector and community.