Role statement - Department of Government Services

Department of Government Services

Department of Government Services (DGS) focuses on improving everyone’s experience of doing business and interacting with the Victorian government. DGS brings together important day-to-day services in one department, to make things easy and seamless for Victorians and businesses by connecting and digitising our systems and platforms across state and local government as well as streamlining corporate and procurement services.

DGS has significant responsibilities in emergency management to ensure the safety and continuity of services to Victorians across a number of portfolios including cyber security, local government, telecommunications, consumer affairs, dispute resolution, and births, deaths and marriages.


Activity Critical task alignment / activity source
Support Victorian Government mitigation for cyber security emergencies

1.1, 1.21.3, 1.4

Participating agency for the following cyber security mitigation activities:

  • Advice on cyber security risk mitigation strategies (as lead)
  • Community and industry cyber security risk awareness and engagement
  • Cyber security threat intelligence sharing
Table 8: Participating agencies for mitigation

Promote resilience through:

  • membership of national, state, regional and local emergency management bodies and teams
  • effective engagement networks with Commonwealth, government, industry and community stakeholders, including the communications critical infrastructure sector, to gain appreciation of asset criticality and emergency planning and preparedness plans
  • working with the communications sector on mobile blackspots, and public telecommunications resilience programs  

  • working with Commonwealth, state government, industry, and community groups on the management of threats to mitigate economic impacts

Response (including Relief)

Activity Critical task alignment / activity source
Control Agency for cyber security emergencies, in line with the SEMP Cyber Security Sub-Plan


Table 9: Control agencies for response

Lead Response Support Agency for the functional areas of:

  • Consumer affairs 
  • Local government
  • Public telecommunications


Table 10: Support agencies for response

Key support agency for:

  • The (vast) majority of resources for response to a disruption to the telecommunications services are within relevant industry sectors
3.2, 10.1
  • Critical infrastructure damage or disruption for the public communications sector

Coordinate Victorian Government responses to cyber security incidents, including liaison with other states/territories and the Commonwealth Government (via the Australian Cyber Security Centre)


Work with Commonwealth, state government, industry and community groups on the management of threats to mitigate economic impacts


Work with the communications sector on mobile blackspots and public telecommunications resilience programs

Maintain a State Duty Officer function, portfolio liaison officers and other operational personnel for deployment to the SCC during a major emergency to provide specialist advice and support the state as required


Implement actions arising from the Victorian Government Cyber Security Strategy, including enhancing the cyber security resilience of Victorian Government organisations by providing cyber security threat and risk management advice 

4.5, 4.6

Provide advice to critical infrastructure owners and operators about potential cyber security emergency risks

4.5, 4.6

Coordinate outreach services such as births, deaths and marriages



Activity Critical task alignment / activity source
Recovery Coordinating Agency (RecCA) responsible for the recovery functional area of public telecommunications

17.1, 17.2

Table 17: Built Environment

Recovery Lead agency (RecLA) responsible as lead government liaison to support the delivery of public telecommunications assets reinstatement, return to reliable supply and restoration of services by coordinating relevant information, working with telecommunication businesses as required


Table 17: Built Environment

Lead agency responsible to assess, restore, clear and rehabilitate DGS managed public buildings and assets


Assurance and Learning

For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.