Role statement - Insurance Council of Australia Ltd

About Insurance Council of Australia Ltd

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) is the industry body for the general insurance industry in Australia. 


Activity Critical task alignment / activity source

Assist State and Local Governments with a wide range of disaster risk mitigation activities. Insurance industry data can assist Governments in promoting mitigation initiatives by modelling potential insurance premium reductions for constituents as a result of investment in mitigation  

4.4, 4.6

Response (including Relief)

Activity Critical task alignment / activity source

Assist Local and State Governments during emergencies by coordinating the insurance industry’s disaster response and recovery efforts via the industry’s Catastrophe Taskforce.  Provide industry with situational awareness during emergencies to ensure insurers can respond quickly and effectively in meeting the needs of governments and impacted communities  

3.2, 4.5


Activity Critical task alignment / activity source

Support Local and State Government to:

  • brief governments on insurance coverage, claims lodgement and estimated economic impact of disaster events  
4.5, 4.6, 17.3
  • coordinate insurance damage assessments and expedite claims processing for insured residents and businesses to access financial and accommodation benefits  
11.2, 11.3
  • participate in State, Regional and Local Recovery committees to advise on insurance issues and to expedite community recovery  
3.2, 4.5
  • provide governments and elected members a rapid issues escalation process

Recovery Lead Agency (RecLA) to link insurance advice or information to relevant recovery activities

Table 15: Recovery coordination: Social environment

Recovery Support Agency (RecSA) to DTF to coordinate the insurance industry response, information, advice and government

Table 16: Recovery coordination: Economic environment

Assurance and Learning

For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.