About the Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross (ARC) is an independent, impartial, and neutral humanitarian organisation that acts as an auxiliary to government to provide humanitarian assistance. As an Emergency Management partner in Victoria, ARC aims to ensure communities are strong and resilient and have the capacity to anticipate, respond to, and recover from disasters. ARC takes a psychosocial support approach to emergency management providing resources, services, expertise and humanitarian advocacy and influence, to support and strengthen the capacity individuals and communities in need. 


Activity Critical task alignment / activity source
Provide preparedness and community resilience services and programs; and advice on policy and practices that support preparedness and resilience in the community.  1.2, 1.4
Build community resilience and social connectedness through programs, services, engagement, and emergency management planning activities to enable communities to develop initiatives through local volunteer networks and connections., 6.4

Response (including Relief)

Activity Critical task alignment / activity source

Provide well-coordinated, integrated and timely needs-based assistance and services to meet the wellbeing and essential needs of affected people and communities before, during, and after emergencies, to support social cohesion, build resilience, and ensure people are effectively supported. 


Relief Lead Agency (RelLA) to:

  • to provide emergency food relief (including water) to isolated communities and/or affected people and communities in emergency relief centres and/or other settings, where agreed, and in partnership with state and local government, and relevant organisations. 


Table 12: Relief coordination

  • to provide a range of psychosocial support services in emergencies, including Psychological First Aid (PFA) to people and communities in emergency relief centres and/or recovery centres, through community outreach, and in other settings as required. 


  • for reconnecting family and friends through the operation of Register.Find.Reunite in relief centres, enquiry centres or online, or other settings where agreed.
3.2, 15.6

Relief Support Agency (RelSA) to DJSIR for food and grocery supply continuity planning and  operations, including timely information sharing on needs of communities and gaps.

Table 12: Relief coordination


Activity Critical task alignment / activity source
Recovery Lead Agency (RecLA) to:
  • provide Psychosocial Support Services to affected people and communities, and other agencies and organisations (where agreed and/or funded).
Table 14: Recovery coordination: Social environment

Recovery Support Agency (RecSA) to:

  • Victim Services, Support and Reform as Recovery Lead Agency (RecLA) to provide support in emergencies caused by crimes against the person, an act intended to cause harm to the community or as a result of a Class 3 emergency event 

Table 15: Recovery coordination: Social environment

  • Support, provide and promote advice on wellbeing in recovery.

Table 15: Recovery coordination: Social environment

  • Support DH and VIFM as the Recovery Lead Agencies (RecLAs) for supporting the bereaved

Recovery Support Agency (RecSA) to:

  • provide Psychosocial Support Services in partnership with Councils and other organisations in recovery and information centres or, where agreed in community

Table 14: Recovery coordination: For services across all environments

  • DJCS as Recovery Lead Agency (RecLA) to engage and work with government on state-led public appeals through the provision of advice and advocacy on identified community needs; and/or supporting and informing the establishment of governance and/or coordination mechanisms that may include participation on advisory panels and the collection of monetary donations.

Lead agency to advocate for community needs through the provision of recovery planning and policy advice.

Support agency to equip people and communities with resources and link them to appropriate services to support long-term recovery and wellbeing. 


Assurance and Learning

For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.