Water corporations deliver a range of services to customers and communities across their service areas. Their responsibilities include supply of drinking and recycled water, removal and treatment of wastewater (sewage), delivery of water for irrigation, domestic and stock purposes, drainage and salinity mitigation. Water corporations also operate and maintain a range of infrastructure that enables them to perform their responsibilities, including treatment plants, pumping stations, pipes, channels, reservoirs, dams, gates and meters.


Critical task alignment / activity source



Conduct periodic training exercises to ensure that their emergency management plans can be implemented effectively



Develop appropriate operation and maintenance plans, risk management plans, emergency management plans and business continuity plans to ensure the water supply, wastewater (sewerage) and irrigation and drainage assets they own or manage function appropriately

1.1, 1.3


Develop appropriate dam safety emergency plans to deal with a potential dam failure of dams they own or manage

1.1, 1.3


Participate in the Water Sector Resilience Network

1.2, 1.3


Water corporations is a participating agency, as shown in the Mitigation table (Table 8), for the following storm mitigation activities:
●  equipped, trained and prepared essential services including power, water, gas and transport

Mitigation table


Water corporations is a participating agency, as shown in the Mitigation table (Table 8), for the following water supply disruption mitigation activities:
●  system resilience e.g. desal plant and grid connectivity

Mitigation table


Response (including Relief)


Activate emergency management plans and business continuity plans when there is a foreseeable or actual failure of their assets or disruption to their services



Water corporations may support DELWP in their role to co-ordinate the provision of drinking water to eligible households where reticulated water and wastewater (sewerage) services are unavailable

3.2, 10.2, 15.2


Water corporations is the lead Response Support Agency (RSA) for the functional area of Reticulated water and wastewater (sewerage), as shown in the Response Support table (Table 10)

Response Support table




Water corporations make available essential water for agriculture (from raw water sources) and domestic uses (potable or raw water) to replace like for like water taken by DELWP and CFA from private landholders during bushfire suppression activities. However, they do not manage the operations or supply the water. It is a priority for DELWP and CFA to take raw water for bushfire suppression rather than potable water

3.2, 15.3


Water corporations lead the delivery of the recovery activity of:


●  restoring, clearing and rehabilitation of public buildings and assets managed within water corporations’ portfolio

19.3, 19.7


●  recovery and rehabilitation of essential reticulated water supply for domestic use (co-lead with DELWP)



●  restoring of essential reticulated sewerage, sanitation systems and wastewater management systems for domestic use (co-lead with DELWP)



Assurance and Learning


For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.