VicTrack owns Victoria’s rail transport land, assets and infrastructure. A core function of VicTrack is the provision of telecommunications services and network infrastructure that supports public transport and the movement of freight; these services and network infrastructure are the backbone to public transport customer information, ticketing systems, driver communications and other network critical systems. In recognition of this, the VicTrack telecommunications network is designated as vital critical infrastructure, as per the Emergency Management Act 2013.



Critical task alignment / activity source



Identification and removal or reduction of risks on rail reserves, other than operational corridors allocated to transport franchise operators or leased to third parties



Participate in emergency management and resilience networks and forums

1.2, 1.6


Undertake resilience improvement activities



Maintain certain radio and telecommunication services that support public transport, other than services managed by DoT or the transport franchise operators

3.3, 3.4


Response (including Relief)


Provide professional engineering and technical advice to control agencies (public transport telecommunications, communications, level crossings and infrastructure)

3.2, 9.6




VicTrack has responsibility to repair, recover and provide alternative public transport telecommunications services in times of system outages, other than services managed by DoT or transport franchise operators

19.6, 19.7


VicTrack supports DJPR in its role assisting with telecommunications asset reinstatement

3.2, 19.7


VicTrack supports DoT in its role restoring tram, bus, rail services

3.2, 19.7


Assurance and Learning


For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.