Role statement - Victorian Building Authority

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is the principal regulator for building and plumbing in Victoria, overseeing compliance with regulations, legal requirements and professional standards. The VBA audits and inspects building and plumbing work on sites across Victoria to ensure it is safe, compliant and completed to all relevant standards and codes. 



Critical task alignment / activity source



Work with other agencies and regulators to review regulatory environment and identify risks and review and implement mitigation measures where required

1.4, 1.5


The VBA provides expert technical advice and information to consumers and the industry on building and plumbing regulatory requirements to manage building safety, including (but not limited to) private bushfire shelters)

4.5, 4.6


VBA is a participating agency, as shown in the Mitigation table (Table 8), for the following bushfire mitigation activities:
●  building regulations, standards and codes

Mitigation table


VBA is a participating agency, as shown in the Mitigation table (Table 8), for the following earthquake mitigation activities:
●  building standards/regulations and enforcement (post 1989, 1993, 2007 standards)

Mitigation table


VBA is a participating agency, as shown in the Mitigation table (Table 8), for the following storm mitigation activities:
●  buildings compliant to engineering standards (planning and building standards/regulations)

Mitigation table


Response (including Relief)


Building and plumbing industry stakeholder engagement and network activation



Building inspection activities to determine building safety post event



Provide building maintenance and safety information resources to response agencies

4.5, 4.6


Develop and distribute key messages for councils, local relief services, industry and community



Distribute practical information to local councils, other agencies and community on post event hazards, including clean-up, initial safety assessment and the re-establishment of building infrastructure and building essential services

2.1, 2.3




Participate in recovery building and plumbing activities with other responsible agencies, such as EMV and BRV

19.7, 19.8


Support planning and related approvals for temporary accommodation and rebuilding as required



Provide further information to (displaced) residents on returning safely to their properties after an event (e.g. managing hazards), rebuilding post event, and temporary occupation of buildings affected areas



Facilitate and participate in building and plumbing inspections of affected buildings with relevant agencies and industry experts as required to determine building safety and recovery requirements

11.1, 19.1, 19.2


Assurance and Learning


Capture insights from activities to inform future response and review regulatory improvement opportunities to mitigate similar future emergency events

21.1, 21.3


Undertake inspections, investigations and audits to ensure compliance with relevant legislation during response/ recovery and input to any proposed process facilitation

11.1, 19.1, 19.2, 21.1