Role statement - Department of Education and Training

The focus of the Department of Education and Training is to support and coordinate emergency mitigation, preparation, response and recovery activities within education communities. This includes the provision of safe learning facilities, guidance and support for the education community in emergency management, promoting disaster risk resilience and risk reduction through a number of measures as well as provision of evidence informed, coordinated, wellbeing and psychosocial recovery supports.    


Critical task alignment / activity source



Development of the department’s state-wide emergency management policy, including guidelines for all children’s services, government and non‑government schools that can prevent or reduce the risks associated with emergencies

1.1, 1.3


Development of emergency management planning resources for all children’s services, government and non‑government schools including templates that assist in identifying actions that support mitigation including resources and training

1.1, 1.2, 1.4


Response (including Relief)


Co-ordination of emergency response for children’s services, government and non‑government schools



Provision of a co-ordinated departmental response for emergencies at schools and at the scene of off‑site emergencies involving school buses, registered camps, excursions and outdoor activities, to ensure the safety of students and staff



Provision of assistance and support for management of incidents involving parents, staff, students and media during emergencies



Provision of an emergency notification and reporting service between government schools and emergency services through the department’s 24‑hour Security Services Unit

2.1, 2.3, 3.5


Provision of advice and list of suggested resources to non‑government schools

4.5, 6.1


Providing advice and support to early childhood services and non-government schools when required

3.2, 4.5, 15.2


DET is the lead Response Support Agency (RSA) for the functional area of education, as shown in the Response Support table (Table 10)

Response Support table




DET is lead agency for the recovery activity of:


●  helping students and school staff of government schools to overcome the immediate impact of an emergency by providing specialist support services including providing psychological first aid and psychoeducation

3.1, 15.2, 15.3, 20.1


●  undertaking the assessment, restoration, clearing and rehabilitation of public buildings and assets (e.g. public amenities, schools) where DET is the manager of that building or asset

3.1, 19.2, 19.3, 19.7


DET is the Recovery Lead Agency (RecLA) in providing support and advice to aid schools and early childhood services, as shown in the Social Environment table (Table 12),

Social Environment table


Assurance and Learning


For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.