The Australian Red Cross (Red Cross) plays a humanitarian role in emergency management through the provision of services, expertise and resources, both in Australia and overseas. It is a key partner in the Victorian Emergency Management System, along with other agencies, business, government, and community organisations. As an auxiliary to government, Red Cross is an independent, impartial and neutral emergency partner.


Critical task alignment / activity source



ARC advises on policies and practices that support preparedness and resilience in the community

1.2, 1.4


ARC builds community resilience and social connectedness through engagement and emergency planning activities at individual and community levels, empowering communities to develop initiatives through local volunteer networks and connections

1.2, 6.2, 6.4


Response (including Relief)


ARC is lead agency for the relief activity of providing and co-ordinating food and water for emergency relief e.g. catering in emergency relief centres and emergency relief packs to isolated communities, where agreed, at the local level



The provision of well-co-ordinated, integrated and timely assistance to meet the immediate health, wellbeing and essential needs of affected communities, during and immediately after an emergency event, with the aim to support social cohesion and build resilience

15.2, 15.3


Co-ordination and provision of relief services to ensure communities are effectively supported



ARC supports DHHS in its role to provide personal support (psychological first aid) in relief and recovery centres and through community outreach

3.2, 15.2, 15.3


ARC supports VicPol in its role to operate Register.Find.Reunite in relief centres, enquiry centres or online, to reconnect people with family, friends and their communities

3.2, 15.6




ARC supports DPC in its role to organise public appeals when requested, through collecting monetary donations for state-wide public appeals

3.2, 20.3


ARC supports municipal councils through advice, guidance and connections to individuals and organisations that can provide additional support to affected persons

3.2, 20.5


Equip individuals, families and communities with resources and link them with appropriate services to support their long-term recovery and wellbeing. Advocate for community needs through the provision of recovery planning and policy advice

20.1, 20.4


ARC supports DHHS in the provision of advice on wellbeing in recovery, as shown in the Social Environment table (Table 12)

Social Environment table


ARC supports municipal councils in the provision and staffing for recovery/information centres, as shown in the Social Environment table (Table 12)

Social Environment table


ARC supports the co-ordination of spontaneous volunteers, as shown in the Social Environment table (Table 12)

Social Environment table


Assurance and Learning


For assurance and learning activities, refer directly to the agency for further information.