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27/09/2016 The Fundamentals of Emergency Management The emergency management sector is working together to develop principles underpinning emergency management activities.
27/09/2016 Foundations of Emergency Management (Class 1 Emergencies) The Foundation of Emergency Management outlines the concepts of operation for emergency related activities of the responder agencies and Emergency Management Victoria (EMV).
27/09/2016 Recovery tools and other resources Brings together the tools that support decision making and planning described in the other booklets. It also includes additional reading and other useful resources.
27/09/2016 Engaging the community in disaster recovery Examines how councils can support community-led recovery and engage with the community more effectively to support recovery.
27/09/2016 Regional recovery networks Showcases the role of regional recovery networks in finding solutions to shared challenges.
27/09/2016 Council business matters: meeting the organisational challenges of disaster recovery Focuses on council business matters in recovery, including workforce planning and resource management from preparation and post-disaster perspectives.
27/09/2016 Beyond disaster: the months and years ahead Builds on the immediate recovery experience to move towards medium and long-term recovery. In this stage the factors contributing to recovery success are embedded in the process of recovery planning.
27/09/2016 When disaster strikes: the first days and weeks Assumes that recovery readiness will have occurred and builds on this preparatory work by addressing the factors contributing to recovery success as they relate to the first days and weeks following a disaster.
27/09/2016 Recovery readiness: preparation for recovery before a disaster Designed to supplement municipal emergency management planning and support councils to improve recovery readiness by addressing the factors contributing to recovery success.
27/09/2016 Understanding disaster recovery Provides a broad context and understanding of recovery from disaster and has been designed as a companion document to be read before the specialist information detailed in each of the other booklets.