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20/10/2016 Executive Consequence Management The Executive Consequence Management (ECM) Program is a three-day residential program which drives the all communities, all emergency model of emergency management in strategic leaders within Victoria’s emergency management sector.
07/10/2016 Bushfire Shelter Options Position Paper This paper is the next step in exploring the available bushfire safety and shelter options. Victoria is moving closer towards a holistic and integrated approach to emergency management that is both risk and evidence based.
04/10/2016 Community Fire Refuge Signage Manual This manual outlines the signage requirement of a Community Fire Refuge.
04/10/2016 Construction & Project Management Guidelines for Community Fire Refuge The purpose of these guidelines is to detail the construction and project management steps, including the end-to-end process, using the learnings from the pilot program to assist with project managing new Community Fire Refuges (CFR) within the state of Victoria
04/10/2016 Community Fire Refuges Pilot Program Evaluation Report This evaluation report consists of an overarching view of the Pilot Program as a whole, with a summary of Program outcomes and outputs and observations. 
04/10/2016 Neighbourhood Safer Places -Bushfire Place of Last Resort Signage Manual The following manual outlines the signage requirements for a Neighbourhood Safer Place – Place of Last Resort.
01/10/2016 Becoming a Victorian Emergency Broadcaster Emergency Broadcasters play an important role in emergency management. Through broadcasting warnings and advice, Emergency Broadcasters support communities to make informed decisions in planning for, and surviving emergencies
27/09/2016 The Fundamentals of Emergency Management The emergency management sector is working together to develop principles underpinning emergency management activities.
27/09/2016 Foundations of Emergency Management (Class 1 Emergencies) The Foundation of Emergency Management outlines the concepts of operation for emergency related activities of the responder agencies and Emergency Management Victoria (EMV).
27/09/2016 Recovery tools and other resources Brings together the tools that support decision making and planning described in the other booklets. It also includes additional reading and other useful resources.