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25/10/2016 State Bushfire Plan The State Bushfire Plan provides an overview of the current arrangements for the management of bushfire in Victoria and contains information on bushfire prevention, response and recovery.
25/10/2016 State Biosecurity Sub-Plan The State Biosecurity Sub-plan provides an overview of the arrangements for the management of biosecurity emergencies in Victoria. It describes the integrated approach and shared responsibility for biosecurity management between state and commonwealth governments, agencies, business and the community.
24/10/2016 Regional Strategic Fire Management Plans Fire management planning is how we work to reduce the impact of fire in Victoria.
21/10/2016 State Emergency Response Plan - Sub-plan Guidelines The SERP Sub-plan Guidelines provide guidance to agencies developing sub-plans of the State Emergency Response Plan (SERP) (Emergency Management Manual Victoria [EMMV] Part 3).

A SERP sub-plan outlines the whole of Victorian government arrangements for managing a type of major emergency where this requires more complex or specific management arrangements than described in the SERP.

Download the State Emergency Response Plan Sub-plan Guid
21/10/2016 Marine Search and Rescue - Initial work plan The Initial Work Plan sets out the operational arrangements of the sector that need to be reviewed to create a more efficient and coordinated approach to marine search and rescue across the board.
21/10/2016 Emergency Management Capability Blueprint The Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint outlines the current and desired future state for Victoria’s emergency management capability. The overall aim of the Blueprint is to have an effective emergency management capability across Victoria that can meet future needs.
20/10/2016 Emergency Services Volunteer Sustainability Grants Program The Emergency Services Volunteer Sustainability Grants Program was a grants program that was funded in 2016-17 and 2018-19 by the Victorian Government to support the significant contribution of the more than 100,000 Victorian emergency management volunteers, through much needed investment to address urgent facilities, equipment and training needs.
20/10/2016 Executive Consequence Management The Executive Consequence Management (ECM) Program is a three-day residential program which drives the all communities, all emergency model of emergency management in strategic leaders within Victoria’s emergency management sector.
07/10/2016 Bushfire Shelter Options Position Paper This paper is the next step in exploring the available bushfire safety and shelter options. Victoria is moving closer towards a holistic and integrated approach to emergency management that is both risk and evidence based.
04/10/2016 Community Fire Refuge Signage Manual This manual outlines the signage requirement of a Community Fire Refuge.