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01/05/2016 Community Based Emergency Management - Overview This Community Based Emergency Management Overview provides key information for communities and organisations to better understand and participate in further developing and using a community based approach
21/03/2016 Emergency Management Operational Communications Program update – March 2016 Emergency Management Operational Communications Program update – March 2016
01/02/2016 EMMV Update Guide for Manual February 2016 EMMV Update Guide for Manual February 2016
01/01/2016 Community Report - Lancefield-Cobaw fire The Lancefield planned burn was ignited by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on 30 September 2015 and escaped containment lines on 3 October 2015.
01/12/2015 Stewarton Fire Review Community Report This Community Report relates to the review of the Stewarton Fire and its impact on the communities of Goorambat, Goomalibee and Stewarton.
01/12/2015 Emergency Management Victoria - Year in Review 2014-15 Emergency Management Victoria, Year in Review 2014-15
01/12/2015 Emergency Management Operational Review 2014-15 Emergency Management Operational Reviews supersedes the Post Fire Season Operational Reviews as it moves to an ‘All agencies, all hazards, all year round’ approach.
01/11/2015 Lessons management framework (EM-LEARN) In November 2015, Victoria’s first sector-wide lessons management framework, EM-LEARN, was approved. This framework further supports the development of a culture of continuous improvement and outlines a model for lessons management and how it will be implemented into the sector, particularly operational activities initially.
01/10/2015 Strategic priorities for emergency management volunteering in Victoria The Strategic Priorities express common needs across emergency management volunteering and describe the direct value to volunteers.

The priorities are designed to drive, guide and inform strategy, investment planning, decision-making and focus across the sector, in agencies, organisations, government and EMV.
01/09/2015 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy sets out the vision, principles and strategic priorities for the future direction in building resilience of Victoria’s critical infrastructure.