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01/06/2013 Post Season Operational Review 2012-13 Victoria experienced a significant fire season over the 2012-13 Fire Danger Period (FDP). Firefighters responded to more than 4,400 bush and grass fires between December and March. Of these 24 were classified as significant including those at Chepstowe, Aberfeldy, Harrietville, Donnybrook, Dereel and in the Grampians.
06/01/2013 Regional Emergency Risk Project The Regional Emergency Risk Project (RERP) was the first risk assessment process to be undertaken at the regional level in Victoria.
01/12/2012 Victorian Emergency Management Reform White Paper Dec 2012 Victorian Emergency Management Reform White Paper Dec 2012
07/10/2012 Fire Management at Landfill Sites Early in 2012, the Fire Services Commissioner engaged I.R.S. Services to study a series of significant fires that occurred at the following Victorian landfill sites during January 2012; Brooklyn Landfill, Knox Transfer Station and Werribee Landfill
01/10/2012 FSC Fire Services Agency Performance Standard Interim October 2012 FSC Fire Services Agency Performance Standard Interim October 2012
01/07/2012 Post Bushfire Season Review 2011-12 The 2011-12 review summarises the findings of a state-wide joint agency debriefing process aimed at building on past learnings.
01/07/2012 Post season review report 2011/12 2011/12 Post Season Review Report
01/06/2012 Port of Portland Emergency The Port of Portland emergency was first reported to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) on Saturday 18 February 2012 and involved liquid pitch (tar) leaking from a 4000 tonne storage tank.
01/04/2012 NuPlex Chemical Incident On December 19 2011, a chemical incident occurred at the Nuplex chemical plant in Wangaratta. The incident was caused by an uncontrolled chemical reaction in a reactor vessel, which released an extremely odorous vapour in the surrounding community.
30/01/2012 Yarra Valley Grammar School Review The Fire Services Commissioner requested Fire & Rescue NSW to conduct a review of a fire that occurred on 30 January, 2012 at the Yarra Valley Grammar School, located at Kalinda Road in Ringwood, Victoria.