Emergency broadcasters

Emergency broadcasters

The Victorian government has formal arrangements with the following media outlets to broadcast emergency warnings and information to the community.

During emergencies, the stations listed below and SKY NEWS television (including website) will broadcast information which will help you make decisions based on the advice of emergency services.

If necessary, emergency warnings will interrupt normal programming on the radio or television station.

It is important to understand that this is a guide only – radio reception varies and may also depend on local weather and geographical conditions. In addition, always use more than one source of data to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Download the complete list of official emergency broadcasters

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Memoranda of Understanding – Emergency Broadcasting Victoria

Go to Memoranda of Understanding Emergency Broadcasters page for copies of the signed MoU's.

Becoming a Victorian Emergency Broadcaster

Emergency Broadcasters play an important role in emergency management. Through broadcasting warnings and advice, Emergency Broadcasters support communities to make informed decisions in planning for, and surviving emergencies. If your organisation is interested in finding out more about becoming an emergency broadcaster, please review the below information:

Download information on Becoming a Community Emergency Broadcasters
Download the Community Emergency Broadcaster Expression of Interest Form

Expression of interest can be submitted at any time. The formal application process begins on 1 April each year.