Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report 2016

Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report provides an overview of the resilience of Victoria's critical infrastructure sectors.

The report highlights the collaboration between industry and the Victorian Government to reduce the impact of and consequence from natural disasters and other emergencies on people, infrastructure, the economy and the environment under the new Victorian critical infrastructure resilience arrangements which came into effect in July 2015.

Many Victorians have experienced the devastation of fire, floods and other emergencies, which sometimes causes the isolation of communities from basic lifelines and needs. 

These lifelines include access to water, food supply, health services, energy, transport, communications, banking and finance and government services. 

The physical facilities, supply chains, systems, assets, information technologies and communication networks that supply these lifelines underpin the social and economic well-being of the Victorian community.

The report is an example of industry and government working as one to build resilience of Victoria’s critical infrastructure and to reduce disruption of lifeline services to the community due to emergencies. 

It shows the commitment that owners and operators of critical infrastructure have to implementing best practice in managing Victoria’s critical infrastructure. 



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