Interim State Control Centre up and running

26 September 2018

26 September 2018

The relocated State Control Centre (SCC) is, today, officially up and running.

Just over a month ago the State Control Centre in Nicholson Street, East Melbourne, was significantly damaged as a result of fire. Emergency operations were not impacted following the fire, but work has been underway to relocate the State Control Centre to an alternative location in Melbourne’s CBD.

Now known as the SCC interim (SCCi), it is the primary place of operations for any incidents. During this time, all rostered staff will work from the SCCi, and other roles will be added as required for operational needs.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said the effort to get the new location up and running so quickly had been vital and also impressive.

“Emergency Management Victoria’s operations team has worked around the clock on the set up of a state level centre in the CBD to support the coordination of Victorian emergencies, and it has been a huge task.

“I am proud to see how everyone in our sector has adapted and been able to continue the important work we do, despite our own emergency.

“The SCC has been at Nicholson Street for over 10 years and has seen much change for our sector. Our agencies and partners have worked there together managing emergencies as one, and will continue to do so at the new location.

“It has been a testament to our sector, and the broader Victorian public service, who have supported this relocation where they can by offering work sites and other assistance. Thank you to everyone involved in this, it has been a challenging few weeks as we adapt to some new working arrangements and as we settle into the SCCi. Your dedication and commitment has been appreciated,” Mr Crisp said.

The SCC redundancy site at CFA’s headquarters in Burwood East will continue to be available if required, and was activated during the last month in relation to the West Footscray factory fire.