Fire Danger Rating forecast now available

1 October 2018

1 October 2018

Fire danger ratings are now available for all weather districts across Victoria and provides a four-day forecast to help Victorians plan and make decisions around their safety.

Fire danger ratings are based on weather and other environmental conditions such as temperature, wind and fuel.

Published on the VicEmergency, website and app, fire danger ratings are a trigger to act for the community.

They are also displayed on the 90 automated and 300 static signs across the state.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said it was important the community knows what fire danger ratings are, and what it means for them.

“Fire danger ratings are a forecast of how dangerous a fire would be if one started, and how hard it would be to put out. The higher the rating, the more dangerous the conditions are,” he said.

“Talk to your family and friends about what the fire danger ratings mean for you and what you will do at each rating.

“Making informed decisions is vital to your safety. Now is the best time to understand your fire risk, to plan and be prepared, not when a fire starts.”

Each Fire Danger Rating has recommended actions that people should take depending on the forecast.

When the Fire Danger Rating is Low/Moderate, High or Very High, if a fire starts it can most likely be controlled in these conditions and homes can provide safety. The community should be aware of how fires can start and how to minimise your risk.

When the Fire Danger Rating is Severe, the community can expect hot, dry and possibly windy conditions. If a fire takes hold, it may be uncontrollable.

If community members are not prepared, leaving high risk areas early is always the safest option.

Leaving early on the night before or the morning of a day of Extreme or Code Red Fire Danger Rating is the safest option.