Emergency Management Planning Reform Program

EMV is leading reforms to Victoria's arrangements that apply to emergency management planning at state, regional and municipal levels.

The Emergency Management Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (EMLA Act) was passed through Parliament in August 2018, and will establish a new integrated, comprehensive and coordinated framework for emergency management planning.

A Program Office has been set up by EMV to support the implementation of the new arrangements by 1 December 2020, when the legislation will take effect in full.

Key deliverables to be in place by this date include:

  • State Emergency Management Planning Guidelines
  • State Emergency Management Plan
  • Regional Emergency Management Planning Guidelines
  • Regional Emergency Management Plans
  • Draft Municipal Emergency Management Planning Guidelines (to be issued once the municipal phase takes effect).

The obligation to start preparing Municipal Emergency Management Plans under the new guidelines will take effect on 1 December 2020. Current municipal plans will continue as a transitional measure and a rolling schedule of assurance will be established from 2021. 

Three significantly different regions are being used in a ‘proof of concept’ phase to test the development of a regional plan and refine the guidelines content. The three regions are Barwon South West, Loddon Mallee and Southern Metro. 

It is important to note that nothing is changing immediately. Existing arrangements continue to apply until we progressively transition to the new arrangements.

For more information on the reform program, contact emergencyplanning@emv.vic.gov.au (External link).


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