SEMP Health Emergencies Sub-Plan

Purpose and scope

This State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) Health Emergencies Sub-Plan (the plan) outlines the arrangements and roles and responsibilities for managing health emergencies and emergencies with health impacts in Victoria. It provides guidance on mitigation, planning, response, relief and recovery.

This plan supersedes the fourth edition of the State health emergency response plan (2017).


The audience of this plan comprises of Victorian Government departments, agencies, and other organisations within the state’s health and emergency management sectors who have a role in managing emergencies.

Community service organisations may also find the contents of this plan informative to help prepare for, respond to and recover from health emergencies.

How to read this document

This plan should be read in conjunction with the State Emergency Management Plan.

Plan preparation, approval and review

The Department of Health coordinated the development of this plan in conjunction with emergency management agencies, in line with the Emergency Management Act 2013.

This plan aligns with the SEMP and was prepared in line with the Guidelines for Preparing State, Regional and Municipal Emergency Management Plans. It was endorsed by the State Crisis and Resilience Council (SCRC) on 11 August 2022.

The plan was current at the time of publication and remains in effect until modified, superseded or withdrawn. It will be reviewed and updated every 3 years in accordance with the SEMP, or more frequently, as required.

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