Operational communications provides the underpinning capability to allow agencies to operate and interoperate. Network investments are typically large, and the lead times to build new infrastructure are long. These investments are a prerequisite to many smaller technology efficiency projects, so must be undertaken first.

As technology improves, community expectations change, and demand for emergency services increases, the communications infrastructure for the emergency services sector must evolve to address these changing requirements. The Emergency Management Operational Communications Program sets out a plan to transform the sector’s operational communications to meet these future demands.

Public Safety Mobile Broadband

The Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB) program is a national initiative endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments (now known as the National Federation Reform Council) to design, implement and operate a national PSMB capability in accordance with the national PSMB strategic roadmap.

The PSMB is a critical system to improve the services delivered by Australia’s public safety agencies. In late 2018, the NSW Telco Authority led a request for proposal from the telecommunications industry on behalf of all jurisdictions, resulting in a proof of concept for trial of a national PSMB capability.

A proof of concept trial is planned to commence in late 2020.

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