REMPC meeting attendee proxy quicksheet

Meeting invite and papers

You should receive a meeting invite forwarded from your organisation’s regular REMPC representative. Ensure you accept this meeting invite prior to the meeting.

NOTE: As a proxy, you will not have access to the meeting documents that are saved in the files section of Microsoft Teams. Any documents required for the meeting should be provided to you in advance by the REMPC member you are a proxy for.

Join a meeting

When the meeting starts, you can join by clicking Join Online from your Outlook calendar to open Teams in your browser. If you are not using Outlook, open the meeting invite email and click Click here to join the meeting.

Join a meeting

On the web page that opens, select Continue on this browser

Continue on this browser

First, enter your full name (this is the name that will be displayed and recorded in the meeting participants list). Ensure your camera is on for the meeting. We recommend muting your microphone unless you are speaking. You can also configure your camera and microphone device settings at this stage. When you are ready to join the meeting, click Join now.

Enter name


Participate in the meeting

The meeting toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen if you move your mouse over the meeting

Microsoft Teams controls

Some functionality (chat conversation, raise hands) is not available to one-time participants, so
unmute and speak up to participate.

You can share your screen with the meeting participants. Beware that all applications you open on
screen will be displayed to meeting participants. Watch this video tutorial on how to share content. (External link)

At the end of the meeting, click the red phone icon to leave the meeting.



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