REMPC facilitator or team owner booster pack

This REMPC Microsoft Teams Facilitator or Team Owner Booster Pack is be read in conjunction with the:


What is the role of Microsoft Teams Meeting Facilitator?

  • Nomenclature
  • Who is the Meeting Facilitator for the REMPC? 
  • Who is the Meeting Facilitator for subcommittees or working groups?

What the role of the Meeting Facilitator is and is not 

  • Common tasks that ARE NOT the responsibility of a Meeting Facilitator
  • Common tasks that ARE the responsibility of the Meeting Facilitator

In the lead-up to a meeting

During a meeting

After a meeting

Additional tasks (for REMPCs only) 

Additional training for facilitators 

  • Set up a folder for a meeting 
  • Add tabs to relevant content in a channel 
  • Save a meeting recording to Microsoft Teams

What is the role of a Teams owner?

Additional training for owners (admins) 

  • Manage Team owners, members, and guests 
  • Manage Team settings and features 


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