2020 Resilient Australia Award winners

Community Award (joint winners)

Mallacoota Recovers

An initiative of the Mallacoota RSL Sub-Branch that considers how communities can better prepare and work together in good times and during critical times of need. This initiative demonstrated the ability to target community strengths, needs and priorities during the 2019-20 bushfires, and has been adapted to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Resilient Central Victoria Rescues, Grows, Cooks and Shares for Food Security

A food rescue initiative by Bendigo Foodshare in partnership with local government, volunteer agencies, businesses and industry. The initiative harnesses and enables community energy and resources, while using crowdfunding and other stakeholder support, in a flexible model which can be adapted by other communities.

Government Award winner

Heart Safe Communities 

An Ambulance Victoria initiative that focuses on community resilience through a new type of emergency volunteering. It enables bystanders to become first responders by providing them with critical life-saving skills and equipment to act before agencies arrive.

School Award winner

STEP UP! Timboon P-12 School

An initiative that provides students and community volunteer groups with opportunities to connect and learn from each other. STEP UP! promotes recognition and appreciation of volunteers, with strong and positive outcomes for students, teachers and community members.