List of successful Risk and Resilience Grant recipients

Funding round 2 2022
Organisation Project title Project description Total funding (NPA and State contribution) (ex. GST)

Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Victoria Critical Infrastructure Resilience Project

This project will ensure ambulance services can continue to operate in the event of power loss. Up to 15 Ambulance Victoria locations in power-vulnerable communities will be equipped with permanent onsite liquid fuel generators


Baw Baw Shire Council

Construct the Proposed Princes Highway Retarding Basin on the West Side of Trafalgar

This project will construct a retarding basin at the west of Trafalgar to detain the flows from Sunny Creek tributaries reducing the flood risk for an estimated 220 existing properties.


Coliban Region Water Corporation

Emergency Electricity Supply Strategy and Implementation Plan for Critical Water and Sewage Assets in North Central Victoria

This project will identify Coliban Water’s most vulnerable assets, review options to improve energy security at these critical locations and then ensure continuous delivery of water and sewage services are provided during future emergency events.


Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Development of a Bushfire Suppression Decision Support System

The project aims to provide decision-makers with access to a bushfire suppression decision support system that enables the objective evaluation of the likelihood of containment of a fire within a specified time period.


Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

Strengthening Regional Connections to Support Telecommunications and Food and Grocery Critical Infrastructure Resilience

This project will deliver planning and procedures to embed the telecommunications and food and grocery critical infrastructure sectors in emergency management arrangements at the regional level.


Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions Countering Misinformation in Emergencies for Better Community and Business Outcomes This project will design and develop a range of interventions to counter misinformation in emergencies. $50,000

Golden Plains Shire Council

Inverleigh Structural Flood Mitigation Project

This project will undertake a detailed assessment of flood mitigation options for the Inverleigh township.


Goulburn Murray Climate Alliance

A Resilient Public Estate in the Goulburn Murray Climate Alliance

This project will undertake a cost benefit analysis of risk and associated investment to address climate impacts to the delivery of community services.


Greater Shepparton City Council

Tallygaroopna Flood Scoping Study

This project will undertake a flood scoping study that will identify historic flood information related to Tallygaroopna, understand and characterise the flood risk in the township and provide mitigation recommendations.


Hepburn Shire Council

Creswick Flood Mitigation Project

This project will undertake a flood study of the Creswick township to assist with land use and development planning, emergency management planning, community education, and assessment and implementation of recommended mitigation options.


Indigo Shire Council

Naturally Cooler Indigo - Fast Tracking Urban Tree Canopies in Indigo Shire's Towns

This project aims to naturally cool Indigo Shire’s towns through accelerating the establishment of urban tree canopy cover to ensure communities adapt to climate change.


Gannawarra Shire Council

Kerang Township Protection Levee detailed integrity assessment

This project will provide a detailed integrity assessment of the Kerang Levee, identifying any required upgrades to ensure compliance to current guidelines and to protect the area from future flood events of increased intensity due to climate change.


Mansfield Shire Council

Mansfield Flood Study

This project will undertake a flood study of Mansfield to understand the actions required to inform the community about their flood risk, mitigate the flood risk and prepare for future flood events.


Murrindindi Shire Council

Alexandra Flood Scoping Study

This project will undertake an initial flood scoping study that will lay the groundwork for a future flood study of Alexandra. The scoping study will quantify and communicate the flood risk to the Alexandra community.


Northern Grampians Shire Council

St Arnaud Retention Dams for Flood Mitigation

This project will construct 2 drainage retention basins to reduce the severity of flood impacts in the township of St Arnaud.


Phillip Island Nature Parks

Future-Proofing Little Penguins

This project aims to build the resilience of the world's largest Little Penguin colony and other wildlife against heatwave and bushfire events by undertaking habitat modifications creating cooler and less flammable environments.


Southern Grampians Shire Council

Adoption of the Glenelg River Regional Flood Investigation and Balmoral Flood Risk Mapping and Planning Scheme Amendment

This project will update the Southern Grampians Shire planning scheme to reflect the best available flood risk mapping for the floodplains of the Glenelg River and the township of Balmoral.s.


The Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board

Falls Creek Bushfire Risk Management Framework

This project will develop the Falls Creek Bushfire Risk Management Framework and provision of a bushfire fuel management plan to improve long term bushfire risk mitigation strategies.


Victoria State Emergency Service

Goulburn Broken Municipal Flood Emergency Plan and Local Flood Guide Update

This project will improve the accessibility of flood intelligence for 20 flood affected communities and response agencies by updating 6 Municipal Flood Emergency Plans across the catchment and preparing input for 13 community's Local Flood Guides.


Victoria State Emergency Service

Tailoring Flood Intelligence - Local Flood Guide Enhancement Project

This project aims to improve the Victoria State Emergency Service's ability to provide tailored flood intelligence and information to community and operational personnel to increase the understanding of flood risk and improve decision making during flood events.


Yarra Ranges Council

Resilient Yarra Ranges

This project will develop a local resilient framework, that identifies and addresses local strengths and future priorities that will enhance and continue to build toward a more resilient Yarra Ranges.


Yarra Valley Water

Climate Change and Interdependency Risks to Yarra Valley Water Assets in the Yarra Ranges and Cardinia Shire

This project will apply Yarra Valley Water’s new asset criticality assessment tool to identify highest critical assets, and conduct a detailed, asset-specific assessment regarding their resilience to direct climate change and interdependency risks and give recommendations on risk mitigation.



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