Victorian Preparedness Goal


The Victorian Preparedness Goal sets out the core capabilities we need to deal with the challenges and risks we face as a community, and how we effectively deliver them.

We each have an obligation to contribute to improving the preparedness, capability and resilience of all communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from all emergencies.

The Victorian Preparedness Goal is an important document that has been developed by Victoria’s emergency management sector in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the United States to make sure we have a collaborative, coordinated and capable system to meet our future needs.

As our communities face a number of global challenges and emerging risks, we can expect more intense and frequent natural emergencies, as Victoria experiences higher-than-average temperatures, reduced rainfall, increased drought conditions and more extreme weather events. Combined with the challenges of change in population, urbanisation and technological advances we can expect an increase in pandemics, disease outbreaks, security threats and telecommunication risks.

The Victorian Preparedness Goal sets out the core capabilities required for how we prepare and respond to emergency incidents before, during and after. They are the critical components needed for the sector to manage emergencies, coordinate and unify efforts, improve training and ensure capabilities are effectively applied to all stages of an incident.


The Victorian Preparedness Goal builds on the Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint and the work that is being undertaken across the emergency management sector to strengthen partnerships, increase community resilience and develop a next generation relief and recovery system.

The Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint outlines the current and desired future state for Victoria’s emergency management capability and is aligned to the Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan.

It uses the findings from the Emergency Risks in Victoria report to identify the major risks facing the state and determine overall preparedness and outline the core capabilities.

The Victorian Preparedness Framework has been developed and implemented since the release of the Victorian Preparedness Goal in July 2016. The Victorian Preparedness Framework extends upon the Victorian Preparedness Goal in more detail, outlining the critical tasks that underpin the core capabilities, and the development of capability targets against our greatest risks.

Continuous improvement

The Victorian Preparedness Goal is a living document that will be constantly reviewed as it evolves and adapts, in line with changing risks, government policies and emergency sector strategic plans.

Improving the preparedness, capability and resilience of all communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies is a shared responsibility and will require the sector to continue to work as one.

To ensure we continue to progress, contribution from the whole community will be critical to realising the next steps and delivering an effective emergency management system that can meet the future needs of all Victorians.



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