Corporate reporting

EMV Corporate Plan 2015-18

The three year plan sets EMV’s priorities including strategies for what we will do and measures to track our achievements and success in the context of the broader transformation agenda.

Download a copy of the Emergency Management Victoria Corporate Plan 2015-2018 (PDF 2.6MB)


EMV Year in Review 2014-15

EMV does not have a statutory obligation to complete an Annual Report, however the “Year in Review 2014-15” provides an opportunity to highlight the challenges, the changes and the achievements of the sector in moving towards safer and more resilient communities.

Download a copy of the Emergency Management Victoria ‘Year in Review’ 2014-15 (PDF 2.7MB).


* EMV’s financial and operational reporting is through the Department of Justice and Regulation Annual Report.

Previous annual reports

The Fire Services Commissioner provided annual reports to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. The Department of Justice Secretary also included emergency services portfolio reports in the Department of Justice annual report.

The Fire Services Commissioner annual reports included:

  • the performance of the Commissioner’s functions, and the exercise of the Commissioner’s powers
  • progress by fire services agencies on the implementation of the Fire Services Reform Action Plan program.

Click on the links below to access Fire Services Commissioner annual report PDFs:

Fire Services Commissioner 2013/14 Annual Report (PDF 6.5 MB)