Building a recovery ready community

Building a Recovery Ready Community aims to develop a capacity for effective recovery from disasters and extreme events in Victorian communities, including urban areas. Many communities across Victoria are isolated, either geographically or socially, and face the very real prospect of having to recover from fire, storm, flood or heat events that are occurring in increasing frequency and with more devastating and long term effects.

The Emerald Emergency Planning Group has connected key groups and individuals including Emerald's Emergency Support Team and Ready2Go program. The Group discusses how they work together to help their community recover after an emergency event.

Recovery support is provided through a Temporary Emergency Support Hub to start the work of helping a community bring order out of chaos and start laying down an early, effective recovery pathway. It also provides post event intelligence and information for external agencies as they make decisions about what resources to apply to the situation and supports our most vulnerable residents: The award winning Ready2Go programme helps protect vulnerable residents

Echo’s approach helps create a village feel in a larger environment, an approach that fosters a desire for locals to help locals and empowers the whole community. This change in thinking has the potential to build resilience in a way no program or initiative can.

For further information contact: Wayne Collins, (External link)