Emergency Management Victoria supports a sector-wide approach to achieve joined up outcomes that are community-focused. It is only by agencies, departments, industry, business, all levels of government and community working together that we will fully realise a sustainable and efficient emergency management system that reduces the likelihood, effect and consequences of emergencies.

Emergency Management Manual Victoria

The Emergency Management Manual Victoria (EMMV) contains policy and planning documents for emergency management in Victoria, and provides details about the roles different organisations play in the emergency management arrangements.

State Emergency Management Priorities

The State Emergency Management Priorities provide clear direction on the factors that are required to be considered and actioned during response to any emergency. The intent is to minimise the impacts of emergencies and enable affected communities to focus on their recovery as early as practicable.

Victoria’s warning system

Victoria has an integrated warning system which provides information and warnings to community through a range of channels.

Incident management

Under section 50 of the Emergency Management Act 2013, the Emergency Management Commissioner must develop operating procedures. Incident management operating procedures issued by the Emergency Management Commissioner will be published on this website.

Consequence management

The objective of consequence management is to minimise the adverse consequences to users of services or infrastructure caused by the interruption to those services or infrastructure as a result of a major emergency.


Community Smoke Air Quality & Health Standard | Standard for Managing Exposure to Significant Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Managing emergencies

Emergency Management Victoria has a key role in implementing the Victorian Government’s emergency management reform agenda. This work will drive how Victoria’s emergency services organisations train together, work to common operating standards, share the same operational picture, and use equipment and systems that work together.

Emergency Management Performance Standards

Emergency Management Performance Standards

Fire management planning

Fire management planning is how we work to reduce the impact of fire in Victoria.

Bushfire shelter options

The only guarantee of surviving a bushfire is leaving early. When this is not possible or where other plans, such as staying to actively defend a property have failed, there may be limited shelter options available.