Marine Search and Rescue

Marine Search and Rescue (MSAR) in Victoria is moving forward with significant change taking place within the sector to make it more collaborative, effective and sustainable.

Implementing a new direction for the marine search and rescue sector provides a significant opportunity to build on past achievement and set a long-term vision aligned with our “we work as one” approach.

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Marine Search and Rescue in Victoria

    In response to a the 2014 Parliamentary Inquiry into Marine Rescue Services in Victoria (External link), the State Government outlined a plan, the 2015 State Government Response (External link) (External link), to improve the effectiveness of the marine search and rescue sector, build capability and better support volunteers.

    Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley was appointed by the government in February 2016 to implement a new direction for MSAR in Victoria.

    The reform process aims to:

    • Establish new accountable governance arrangement that enables volunteer marine search and rescue providers to contribute to the decision-making process;
    • Develop the MSAR Office to provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to develop strategies, policies and programs; and
    • Introduce common standards and training across the industry to ensure safe and consistent delivery and enable marine search and rescue units to work together during operations.

    Victoria Police will remain the control agency responsible for the coordination of marine search and rescue. 

    The progress so far:

    The highlights include:

    1. An Initial Reform Work Plan (External link) that sets out the operational arrangements of the sector that need to be reviewed to create a more efficient and coordinated approach to marine search and rescue across the board. This was shared and discussed with the community through Regional Forums in Traralgon, Colac and Melbourne.

    For more information about the issues discussed at the first forums in May 2016, download the following presentations Introduction (External link) (PDF) and Regional Forums (External link) (PDF).

    1. The establishment of the Marine Search and Rescue Arrangements through collaboration with volunteer marine search and rescue providers, Victoria Police and Transport Safety Victoria.
    2. Establishment of the MSAR Office to provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to the development of strategy, policies and programs. Wes Oswin is the Manager of MSAR Office and will be developing governance structures and an implementation plan to address the current challenges within the sector. 
    3. Secured funding for a managed insurance scheme by the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency for approved MSAR service providers for 2016-17.

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