Warning accessibility

There are various ways warnings can be accessed. These include receiving warnings in languages other than English, and provisions for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.


Receive warnings in languages other than English

To receive warnings in a languages other than English you should call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and request translated information from the VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226).

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment you can receive warnings by contacting the VicEmergency Hotline through the National Relay Service (External link):

  • TTY users phone 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 226 226
  • Speak and Listen users phone 1800 555 727 then ask for 1800 226 226
  • Internet relay users connect to the NRS then ask for 1800 226 226

To report a fire or emergency (TTY users only), access TTY 106.

TTY 106 is a dedicated text-based emergency relay service with direct access to fire, police and ambulance services.

It can only be contacted through a TTY machine, not from a mobile phone or ordinary phone.