MSAR Working Group

The MSAR Working Group is made up of representatives from all of the MSAR providers, supporting agencies, relevant government departments and the volunteer advisors.

It is responsible for developing and executing a MSAR Reform Implementation Plan which sets out the big picture vision for the sector and the long-term goals needed to get there.  The Working Group advises and reports to the Reform Implementation Board.

The Working Group is responsible for developing and executing the MSAR Initial Reform Work Plan which defines the vision for the sector and the reform actions.

The plan includes:

  • Producing a state MSAR strategy based on a risk assessment informed by local knowledge
  • Understanding the current and required capability
  • Creating common standards and training and exercise programs
  • Establishing a common accreditation process
  • Identifying any necessary changes to statutory and policy frameworks

The Working Group will also advise on funding, develop processes for coordinated procurement and resource allocation and identify opportunities for increased capability including the recruitment and retention of volunteers.

The Working Group has three Project Groups working on three aspects of The Plan including:

  1. Training and Assessment
  2. Risk and Capability
  3. Finance and Insurance

More information on the role and responsibilities of the Working Group can be found in the Terms of Reference.

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