Emergency Management Performance Standards

The Victorian Emergency Management Performance Standards provide responder agencies with objectives and minimum requirements for the emergency management functions they collectively undertake and clarify how these functions contribute to the shared vision of ‘safer and more resilient communities’.

As required by the Emergency Management Act 2013, the Emergency Management Commissioner has issued operational standards in relation to the performance by responder agencies of their functions (S48(1)).

These performance standards have been developed in collaboration with, and will form part of the operational approach for:

  • Country Fire Authority (CFA);
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB);
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP); and
  • Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES).

The Emergency Management Performance Standards relate to the below aspects of emergency management activities across the following functional areas.

Capability and Response

  • Capability Development
  • Readiness and Response
  • Public Information.

Relief and Recovery 

  • Relief
  • Context and Complexity 
  • Community Capacity Building 
  • Sector Coordination and Capacity. 

Risk and Resilience

  • Community Connection 
  • Understanding and reducing risk 
  • Emergency Management Planning 
  • Critical Infrastructure Resilience 
  • Consequence Management. 

The standards supersede the previously issued Fire Services Agencies Performance Standards – Interim that related to ‘Incident Management’ and ‘Information and Warnings’.

In order to monitor performance against these standards and to indicate the sector’s progress towards achieving the desired outcomes, agencies are required to report on the actions taken to comply with the performance standard and the progress being made.  The reporting processes are outlined in the document.

The Emergency Management Performance Standards version 2.0 will be effective as of 1 January 2017 for the commencement of reporting on 1 July 2017. The Emergency Management Performance Standards version 2.0 will supersede the standards (version 1.0) published in November 2015.

Please note that the standards apply to all levels of incident response (Incident, Region, State) and, therefore, responder agencies are expected to ensure relevant personnel within the agencies receive this information for their use.

These performance standards are a key tool for defining and measuring performance, which helps to foster an environment of continuous improvement in the delivery of services to the community.

Download a copy of the Emergency Management Performance Standards 2016 (version 2) (External link)  Emergency Management Performance Standards 2015 (version 1) (External link) (PDF 1.2 MB)