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21/12/2016 Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme (NDRGS) The purpose of the Scheme is to support projects leading to strengthening community resilience to natural disasters consistent with State risk profiles, and providing support to emergency management volunteers.
14/12/2016 Community-based approach in the Indigo Valley The community-based emergency management approach was used in Indigo Valley following the Barnawartha fire of December 2015.

14/12/2016 Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report 2016 Victoria’s Critical Infrastructure All Sectors Resilience Report provides an overview of the resilience of Victoria's critical infrastructure sectors.
02/12/2016 Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan Update 2016-19 The Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan (SAP) Update 2016-19 outlines state-wide strategic priorities, with corresponding actions, to guide ‘all communities, all emergencies’ reform and supports Victoria in achieving its vision.
02/12/2016 Emergency Management Operational Review 2015-16 The Emergency Management Operational Review is a summary of the operational activities undertaken by Victoria’s emergency management personnel across the 2015-16 financial year.
02/12/2016 Emergency Management Victoria Year in Review 2015-16 The EMV Year in Review 2015-16 highlights the challenges, achievements and reform that occurred across Victoria’s emergency management sector.
30/11/2016 Official Emergency Broadcasters in Victoria The Victorian government has formal arrangements with the following media outlets to broadcast emergency warnings and information to the community.
27/10/2016 Victorian Bushfire Handbook 2016 The Victorian Bushfire Handbook summarises the operational management structures and systems used for bushfire preparedness, readiness and response in Victoria.
26/10/2016 Emergency Management Diversity and Inclusion Framework Victoria has a new emergency management and diversity framework designed to support a sector approach to better reflecting and connecting with the diverse community it serves. 
25/10/2016 Tostaree fire review The fire at Tostaree on February 1, 2011 was the most significant for the 2010-11 Victorian bushfire season and since the February 2009 fires.