Welcoming summer with record rain

5 December 2017

Victoria’s first weekend of summer brought 48 hours of record-breaking rainfall in most areas of the state.

North eastern Victoria was the hardest hit with more than 200mm of rain recorded which resulted in moderate flood warnings being issued for rivers that impacted Euroa and Myrtleford and areas around them. Water also impacted low lying areas and over and as a result, low lying areas and more than 70 homes were impacted. 

Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said while flood conditions had eased the weekend’s weather was a timely reminder for Victorians to be prepared for all emergencies.

“Victorians listened to the information provided and planned their activities accordingly,” he said.

“No matter what we’re facing it’s important the community be prepared, so they can be better protected whether that is for fire or flood.

“Think about a plan for yourself, your family, pets and livestock and know where you will get information and how to stay informed of changing conditions.”

Mr Lapsley said the rain would be good news for some farmers and others were still considering the impact.

“We will monitor what the rain means for the fire risk in Victoria,” he said.

“In some areas the rain will delay the threat of fire, in others it will likely add to the already large fuel load present in much of the high country.

“The rain event did highlight the great way that emergency services work together to manage emergencies and protect the community.”