Victorians home from devastating California fires

10 November 2017

Victorian emergency management personnel have returned home after 17 days helping to respond to wildfires in California.

A total of 34 Victorians from CFA and Forest Fire Management Victoria left California earlier this month knowing that all fires are now contained.

They have been working under the leadership of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services and CALFIRE where they have supported communities across Northern California affected by the fires.

Emergency Management Commissioner, Craig Lapsley, said Californians had experienced one of the most difficult periods in their history – the fires devastated communities and lives were lost.

“Our Victorian contingent have joined up seamlessly with firefighting teams in the United States to control these severe fires in Northern California,” he said.

“They have been able to integrate and work successfully with communities through a very difficult period.

“This deployment has been a positive experience for our Victorian firefighters, who bring back significant knowledge and experience to share with colleagues here in Victoria. They have been congratulated by California for their exceptional efforts.”