Update to the Victorian Preparedness Framework

28 June 2018

The Victorian Preparedness Framework Update  reflects the progress that has been made in the emergency management sector to refine the critical tasks that are fundamental to emergency management.

The update focuses on how the framework has been put into action across the sector, and also describes the steps involved in assessing our capability and capacity.

It was developed as a model to support preparedness and the building of resilience by understanding the capabilities required through all stages of a major emergency. It outlines the 21 core capabilities required to deliver emergency management, and the critical tasks necessary to deliver them. The framework is a planning tool that provides a methodology to develop capability targets and how to use them to assess capability and capacity.

By understanding what core capabilities Victoria needs to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from major emergencies, we can identify gaps and ways in which these capabilities can be improved.

Since its initial release in May 2017, the framework has been used across the emergency management sector to inform capability thinking and a number of strategically aligned pieces of work.

Most notably, the core capabilities and critical tasks outlined in the framework were used by the sector in 2017 to develop capability targets against the state’s greatest risks to understand what is required to effectively deliver emergency management in Victoria.

In 2018, these capability targets will form the basis of the first phase capability assessment, in which the core capability elements of People, Resources, Governance, Systems and Processes are measured across a group of core capabilities. This assessment will begin to articulate gaps and identify opportunities to leverage capability and capacity across the community, business and government.

Gaps identified through this process will drive many of the sector’s priorities into the future, including the need to work closely with communities, government, agencies and business to share the responsibility of emergency management into the future.

So far three key pieces of work (including this framework) have been developed by the emergency management sector. The Victorian Preparedness Framework builds on the Victorian Preparedness Goal and the Victorian Emergency Management Capability Blueprint 2015-2025.

For more information, download the Victorian Preparedness Framework Update.