Supporting the State Control Centre with 24/7 strategic intelligence

12 January 2021
A man reading from a clipboard in front of a microphone. Behind is a large screen with a montage of emergency management images.

At the State Control Centre (SCC), gathering, analysing and disseminating intelligence is a 24/7 operation. Since April 2020, the new State Strategic Intelligence Team has been working around the clock at the SCC, Victoria's primary control centre for emergency management.

This new team supports the next iteration of emergency management intelligence in Victoria, through the establishment of permanent 24/7 intelligence resources. Their induction into the SCC was in response to the Victorian bushfires in 2019-20 and the move to a 24/7 operating model was to help manage the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic intelligence needs.

The State Strategic Intelligence Team have been the core team for collating, analysing and disseminating whole of Victorian government intelligence during the pandemic. The team are responsible for bringing together data and information from a wide range of stakeholders. This helps senior decision-makers plan and coordinate efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The team’s products include:

  • Intelligence Alerts (short, timely alerts on a single topic or issue of importance)
  • Intelligence Briefs (detailed analytical reports on an issue, emerging risk or trend)
  • Weekly Intelligence Summaries (reviews of intelligence around State Strategic Intelligence Priorities).

The team is currently focused on the:

  • Class 1 emergency environment due to La Niña conditions
  • summer fire risk
  • ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

We work as one in the State Control Centre. So the State Strategic Intelligence Team works closely with agency partners who surge into the SCC on high risk days. The team also collaborate with stakeholders across community, business, government and agency sectors to understand trends and intelligence gaps.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said, “the right decisions depend on the right information. So it’s a great advantage having the right people and the right skills on call, day and night, to support State Control Centre operations.  

“It guarantees we have up-to-date data and intelligence to manage major emergencies including fires, floods and other extreme weather events, and converging emergencies” Mr Crisp said.